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The Funny Thing About Finding Purpose…

….Is once you find it, you don’t have a whole lot of time to mull it over! Hello again. Where have you been? Me? Well, I have been up to my neck in work, and faced with a brutal case … Continue reading

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The Year in Horses

Well, this year I’ve jumped feet first into improving my own foundation riding skills, particularly hand position. I’ve mentally sweated through the beginnings of creating new muscle memory that will benefit the layers of detail I add in the years … Continue reading

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If All Goes As Hoped

Yesterday was September 1st. It was a pretty big day because it marked “hopefully” the end of 100+ degree days here. It was also a big day because it was the first day I had with the horses since we’ve … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Seem Like Much, But…

So, today, I had a pretty big “aha” moment. One that I’ve been doggedly pursuing for a long time. I’m pretty happy about it, so I’m going to ride out the bliss and describe it. Today, yes, today my friends, … Continue reading

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How Do You, You Know, Know?

Anyone who has ever worked with me, knows I really dislike being wrong. I could list pages of reasons, and experiences that have shaped this aspect of my personality, but really, none of them matter. The end result, who I … Continue reading

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Northwood Horsemanship Challenge: Weeks Five, Six, and Seven

Where the heck have I been?!?!?!? Well, while I’ve been busy, busy, there wasn’t much to report about my specific challenge horse so I figured I’d condense the past few weeks into a single post. Week five was very little … Continue reading

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Northwood Horsemanship Challenge: Week Four

It was a busy week! We didn’t get a whole heck of a lot done but we managed to put a little time in. Monday was a pretty uneventful groundwork session. We worked specifically on getting good reach with his … Continue reading

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