The Funny Thing About Finding Purpose…

….Is once you find it, you don’t have a whole lot of time to mull it over!

Hello again. Where have you been?

Me? Well, I have been up to my neck in work, and faced with a brutal case of writer’s block.

I’ve tried a few times to write. I actually have six almost complete blogs that are floating around my ancient computer’s desktop. It isn’t the time to finish them. Maybe it never will be. I can’t count the number of blog ideas that have stopped me dead in my tracks while currying and saddling horses. The problem is, I’ve been so busy that by the time I have the time and energy to get them out, they have flown away, perhaps to someone else who has the wherewithal to follow them through. Oh, that’s an irritating thought!

Chris, what has kept you so busy and tired that you couldn’t get your thoughts out?

Well, in February of 2016 Louie and I moved to the M Diamond Ranch, outside of Sedona and went to work as full time managers/wranglers.

What’s with your horses?

My black horse stepped up and went to work as a wrangle horse as if he had been waiting for the opportunity all along. I am thrilled that he seems to enjoy his job. It has been great to see how much more social he is getting with all of the people around him. Getting him outside of his quiet little Verde River world was a blessing. Sometimes I still think of selling him. But it is going to take a heck of a horse to replace him.


It’s time to ride Chisholm! He’s been almost ready for awhile. Now I feel like any day it is going to happen. I’ll have to make time for that blog. Gosh he has turned into a hunk!


To help me get over my writer’s block I went back and read all of my old posts. I have to admit, I can’t say that I know a whole lot more than what I did in the beginning. Instead of saying I am more knowledgeable, I think I will say that my ignorance and naivety have evolved. I definitely feel a cynicism that I didn’t use to have but I try not to let it show to people who don’t know me. Go ahead, laugh.

The horses still surprise me, most of the time in good ways. I appreciate the amount of “Don’t worry Chris, I’ve got this!” that this herd has.

Mostly, I’ve spent my days smelling like horse sweat and that’s alright by me. Some of my goals have changed, some have gone away, some have been added.

After auditing Buck Brannaman clinics twice, I really, really, really want to ride in one. Timing will be tricky but it may be possible.

I still want to have that good, solid saddle horse that I made from the ground up. Maybe Chisholm is it. Maybe not. The time to know the answer is getting closer.

I guess, I really don’t know how to reintroduce myself to writing. They say to write about what you know. Right now I know a horse who ground ties and hobbles is invaluable. Right now I know that a good, gentle kid’s horse is worth it’s weight in gold. Right now I know a forgiving horse is still at the top of my list of needs. Right now I know I have found a bit of peace and my black horse seems to have as well.

In some ways my horsemanship seems to have gone stagnant, perhaps, even backward. In other ways I feel like I am ready to ride my black horse in front of one of the greats to see if I have gone as far as I think I have. I am ready to step on my colt, so I can see if I have added a few pieces to the puzzle that I didn’t have with my last colt.

I could start back to it by regaling you with my latest dude wrangling stories. Wait until I get around to telling you about the thirteen Chinese dairy farmers!

Maybe I should just start by saying, I’m back, I still love horses, and I am still learning. Hopefully this will break down the dam that’s been holding the chaos of words in my mind.

It may work. Let’s see. Hello again.

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