Northwood Horsemanship Challenge: Week Four

It was a busy week! We didn’t get a whole heck of a lot done but we managed to put a little time in.

Monday was a pretty uneventful groundwork session. We worked specifically on getting good reach with his hind end and getting his changes of direction softer, and less reactive. We also played around in the arena a tad bit, but nothing that I would really consider a ride.

Tuesday a good day for working Limbo’s mind. I have the pleasure of working with a coming two year old warm blood filly. Things have come along nicely enough with the filly that it is time to start ponying her off of another horse. There was a lot of pressure, release, and placement involved in a very short time. I’m happy to say, both Limbo and the filly did wonderfully. This is definitely going to be part of our weekly work for awhile.

10730913_10155195854420089_975845725921611762_n 10384625_10155198840225089_2148085464554856589_n

Wednesday we went for a trail ride alone. We saw and heard our first beaver on the river! It took me a second to register that the giant crash in the water was the beaver smacking his tail to threaten me, my horse, and my dog off. It sounded like someone threw a hand grenade in the water! I am very pleased to say that while I was busy being bug eyed, with my heart in my throat, wondering what the heck was attacking us, Limbo merely flinched and continued on in his long free walking stride. I am glad one of us had our stuff together!

DSCN2902 DSCN2907

Thursday we worked on loping circles in the arena for a bit, and cooled off bareback. Nothing huge but a lesson in balance for the both of us. We also did a bit of ground work, and really focused on getting good hind end cross overs with focus.

Friday I took a rain day. Other than pulling Limbo out to brush him and feed him a mash he had the day off.

Saturday was a long day. My husband and I managed to get in a couple hour trail ride across the road and did a lot of cross country riding. We went through tons of brush, and through several boulder piles. The run through the sand wash was awesome as well!


Superbowl Sunday was an easy day. We played with sacking out on some boogery objects, and I tried a different saddle on Limbo and REALLY liked what I felt underneath me when we trotted and loped circles around the yard. He had a lot freer movement in his shoulders and better overall bend in his whole body. The really good news is the saddle I tried is my husband’s, and we are in the situation where we can afford to get another one.

I have the chiropractor scheduled to come out today. I am interested to see what changes manifest with that work combined with a better fitting saddle. More to come!!!

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2 Responses to Northwood Horsemanship Challenge: Week Four

  1. Pretty cool about the beaver. I’ve never heard one “explode”. How did you manage to ride on Saturday? We had steady rain all day, both Friday and Saturday.


    • chrisdocter says:

      It rained all day here Friday. Saturday it rained in the morning. Everything was pretty soggy. We managed a ride in the afternoon but had to do the cross country thing because the roads were all super slick. About the time we got back and started our chores, it started pouring again.


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